Welcome as a guest of Fakanál Restaurant!

All our kind guests can find exquisite flavours, traditional Hungarian and rustic meals, abundant portions, live gipsy music, delicate types of Hungarian wine and real Hungarian cuisine in our restaurant that is situated in the heart of Budapest on the first floor of the Central Market Hall.
Within the framework of the normal timetable, our restaurant is a self-service diner selling meals of Hungarian cuisine that cannot only serve the daily guests but also available for receptions of tourists or other groups.

Event Location
It is a perfect place for transacting receptions for a couple hundred people, corporate parties, private events or even weddings. Our restaurant can boast a very special atmosphere since our guests are surprised by entering an image of a time travel back to the turn of the century since one can find carts, stoves, red and white checked tablecloths and they can, of course, smell the heavenly flavours from even a great distance.

Market Hall event organization

We would like to offer the chance to transact different types of events such as reception, corporate event and private event in the Market Hall after the opening hours. This way our guests can take advantage of a covered area, more of than 10.000 square metres. It is easily accessible and more than a hundred cars can park next to and behind the building.

Relocating hospitality, catering – event organization Budapest, country
From this year on our procurers can resort to a brand new service, the organization and transaction of the relocated event hospitality.
With the help of this solution we can take Fakanál quality to your 50-1500-person event in Budapest or the countryside.

Without claiming completeness let us list the services we offer: coffee break, sandwich party, seated reception, standing reception, organizing weddings, food delivery to events.

Come and try our restaurant and catering service to return home with plenty of experience!

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Best Regards,
Fodor Zoltán
Executive Manager